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    I’m David DW Liu and I leverage data to inform results. I am a UX researcher. Through my empathy, I aim to understand and improve the experiences of people. I do this by answering questions such as who, what, why, and how. Outside of research, I enjoy attending community events, arts & crafts, and traveling.

    Researcher: 6 years of qualitative and quantitative data generation and analysis using observations, videos, interviews, focus groups, surveys, and large datasets.

    Evaluator: 5 years of collaborating and partnering large institutions such as schools/afterschool and STEM museums in evaluating effectiveness, conducting competitive landscape analyses, and writing summative and formative evaluations.

    Designer: 3 years of UX/LX and design research using A/B testing, journey maps, and prototype development.

    Improver: 6 years of improving tools, products, educational learning environments, consumer packaged goods, and consumer services through data-informed results.

    Academic Research Interests

    • Science Education • Afterschool • Diversity • Research-Practice Partnership • Design-Based Research


    To learn more about my dissertation research, visit SuperScienceSquad.com

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    Updated as of 6/19


    Updated as of 6/19

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    Below is a range of projects that highlight my experiences in User Experience (UX) Research

    March 16, 2019 · CompetitiveAnalysis,UXresearch,UXdesign,Strategy,MarketResearch
    March 16, 2019 · UXresearch,UXdesign,ABTesting,UsabilityStudy,LearningExperiences
    March 16, 2019 · UXresearch,UsabilityStudy,Statistics,Surveys
    March 16, 2019 · ABTesting,Surveys,LearningExperiences,UsabilityStudy,Interviews
    March 16, 2019 · UXresearch,UsabilityStudy,Interviews,LearningExperiences
    March 16, 2019 · UXdesign,UXresearch,CompetitiveAnalysis,MobileApp,Strategy
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    Much of my research is engaging with communities. I implement after-school science programs with undergraduate student educators. I collect data in the form of school work, interviews, surveys, and video. My research team analyzes the data. Our findings are implemented in an afterschool program we run to continuously improve our teaching.


    Press Release and Projects:

    Dissertation Research Website

    Research Practice Partnership Work (pg. 25-27)

    Super Science Squad Press Release
    Newkirk Fellowship Announcement
    Project CRYSTAL Press Release and Website

    Family Science Night


    I have served as an educator as a teaching assistant at the undergraduate (11 courses) and graduate level (4 courses), STEM educator (7 years), social science and global studies high school teaching intern (4 years), afterschool teaching aid (10 years), and a pre-school educator (1 year). All undergraduate and graduate level evaluations are available upon request. My teaching portfolio is located here.

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